May 20th 2017

Ruton Music : Ei tätä päivää

WHS Teatteri Unioni, Helsinki

Ruton Music reaches out for an exit from the 2010’s using the garbage can of history as its launchpad, releasing four new compact cassettes. ”Viimeinen kutsu 1982” is the monumental swan song of Helsinki’s teenage no-wave/ingenious diletanttes Swissair. The three other cassettes are solo releases by former members of the band: ”Joopa joo” (originally issued in 1985) by Ferricjohnsson (a.k.a. Pietari Koskinen), ”New Constructivist Moment” (2017) by Anton Nikkilä, and ”Presents” (2017) by Mika Taanila.

The release party features live sets by Ferricjohnsson, Anton Nikkilä and Toblerones. Swissair’s rare double screen film ”Hermafrodiitit” (1979-84) will be shown, accompanied by Mika Taanila’s three new short films: ”The World”, ”Delay of Game” and ”Branches”.